ICA creates thought leadership platform with The Globe & Mail Media Group

The ICA’s new partnership with The Globe & Mail Media Group allows member agencies exclusive access to publish thought leadership on the new ‘Report on Marketing’ online hub.

Created to promote the value of Canadian agencies to a discerning business readership, ‘Report on Marketing’ provides ICA members with a high-profile forum for thought leadership about topical business matters, & the transformational power of effective marketing.

“Report on Marketing delivers valuable insights & inspiration from agency thought leaders to readers of The Globe & Mail online,” says Scott Knox, president & CEO, ICA. “The ICA is proud to amplify its membership while promoting the merit of the Canadian agency sector in this new way.”

‘Report on Marketing’ is located on globelink.ca, The Globe & Mail Media Group’s new website. Serving as an online hub, it will provide a live archive for sponsored content as well as other editorials & ICA marketing research material.

ICA member agencies who would like to discuss contributing thought-leadership articles to ‘Report on Marketing’ should contact Scott Knox at scott@theica.ca or call 416 482 1396 x225

Here are some recent articles:

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