Creative Power List 2022

The ICA has taken the step of suspending its 2022 Creative Power List, citing multiple agency queries as the reason.

Having received several queries from agencies regarding their allocated points and carried out some initial reviews with the awarding bodies, it has become clear that further investigation with the industry leaders of the Creative Power Group is needed,

 said Scott Knox, ICA President & CEO.

The integrity of this transparent, industry owned recognition initiative is key.

The key issues relate to how the international award schemes allocate points to annual rankings as well as co-credited entries.  In supplying the Canadian data to the ICA multiple shows have not included submissions where the Canadian office is a co-entrant or supplementary entrant, only when they are the lead entrant.  In addition, The One Club does not include multiple wins referring to their ranking methodology:

  • MULTIPLE AWARDS WITHIN A DISCIPLINE - When the same piece of work wins multiple awards within a Discipline, the points for the one (1) highest award in that discipline will be counted towards 'Of the Year' awards.
  • AWARDS IN MULTIPLE DISCIPLINES - When the same piece of work wins awards in multiple Disciplines, the points for the highest award per discipline will be counted towards 'Of the Year' awards.

The question is not the legitimacy of these methodologies by some of the international shows, it is whether they should apply to the Canadian Creative Power List.  The ICA’s Creative Power Group has not discussed as a community how to apply or not to apply them,

continued Knox.

In building the methodology with RSM Canada, the international audit, tax, and consulting firm, to ensure the integrity of the Creative Power List, the ICA only accepts data from the awarding body not from any agency or brand directly.

When we receive a query from an agency on the list about its points we must raise the matter with the awarding body for verification.

added Knox.

The ICA is convening its Creative Power Group of agency creative and strategy leads to answer the following questions:

  • In allocating points to the Creative Power List
    • How should the points of co-credited entries be handled?
    • Does The One Show methodology of the highest award points apply?

On answering these questions as a community and applying them to the Creative Power List methodology the list will be recalculated if needed and any revised version published.