Creative Power List Methodology 2023

Creative Power List Methodology 2023

The ICA’s Creative Power Group, along with leading audit, tax, and consulting firm, Grant Thornton LLP, has created the Creative Power List, a transparent ranking of Canada’s agency sector based on success at leading international and national awards shows. Here is the methodology that will be used to create the 2023 based on performance in 2022.

The international awards that count:

  1. Cannes Lions
  2. CLIO
  3. D&AD
  4. The One Show

Then the national shows:

  1. ADCC Awards
  2. CMA Awards
  3. Effie Awards Canada
  4. Marketing Awards

Building the national weighting

In 2021 the following number of awards were issued by the national programs:

  1. ADCC Awards - 342
  2. CMA Awards - 133
  3. Effie Awards Canada - 54
  4. Marketing Awards - 192

Therefore, a scoring multiple is applied to bring impact balance:

  1. ADCC = x1
  2. CMA = x2.5
  3. Effie = x6
  4. Marketing = x1.75

The weighting value being created as follows:

  1. ADCC = 342 or 25.6%
  2. CMA = 332.5 or 24.9%
  3. Effie = 324 or 24.3%
  4. Marketing = 336 or 25.2%

This delivered a scoring mechanic as follows:

ADCCCMAEffie CanadaMarketing
Best/Grand Effie3587.521061.25

The international scoring across the selected awards remains unchanged from previous methodology:

 CannesClioD&ADOne Show
Titanium and Creative Effectiveness Grand Effie / Black Pencil / White Pencil / Best in Show / Grand Effie1000 10001000
Best of Discipline   800
Grand Effie, including Grand Effie for Good700350  
Titanium Lion600   
Gold / Yellow Pencil500250500500
Silver / Graphite Pencil300150300300
Bronze / Wood Pencil200100200200

This scoring mechanic will now be in place for 2022, so that the industry can transparently see what is on offer for their overall ranking from each award show.  The Creative Power Group will take feedback and review this scoring rubric at the end of 2022 and set out the scoring system for the 2023’s shows.

Co / Joint Entries

Sometimes entries to award shows are made as co / joint-submissions either by multiple agencies or by the same agency but multiple offices.  The points allocated will be divided equally between each entrant in the creation of the Creative Power List.

The Creative Power Group welcomes feedback on this initiative and its methodology.  It is created by the industry for the industry.  Please email any feedback and nominations for the Creative Power Group to