Who Am I Connected To?

Your ICA membership opens you up to a world full of connections.

The ICA founded the global agency association VoxComm and Scott Knox, ICA President & CEO is Vice-President and board director. Through VoxComm the ICA in connected to the agency associations around the world including 4A’s in the USA, EACA in Europe and IPA in the UK.

The ICA has many member agencies in Quebec but also works closely with the province’s sector via A2C.

Being a vital part of the Canadian economy, the ICA works closely with The Business Council of Canada, representing the country’s largest businesses.

The ICA is a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and sits on many of its policy groups representing the agency voice as it lobbies Provincial and Federal Government. Through the Canadian Chamber the ICA is also connected with its global counterpart, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Nabs is our industry’s own charity and the ICA has worked closely with them for many years. Each year a portion of the Effie Awards Canada goes to support this great organization.

As the ICA represents that agency sector of Canada there are many organizations that represent the client voice here and internationally.

  • Canadian clients - ACA
  • US clients - ANA
  • UK clients - ISBA
  • Global clients - WFA

There are also important organizations for marketing procurement professionals that we work closely with:

  • CPPC
  • ProcureCon Marketing
  • Supply Chain Canada

The ICA works closely with both Provincial and Federal Government departments to lobby for the interests of the Canadian agency sector.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the ICA connected with the Federal and Provincial health agencies but also worked directly with Dr David Nabarro, special envoy for North America & Europe for the World Health Organization.



International Council of Self-Regulation

The ICA is a founder of the self-regulatory framework for our industry. Scott Knox, ICA President & CEO is a board director of both Canadian organizations, representing the agency view.

Through each of these organizations the ICA is connected to their global equivalents:

The ICA is the officially recognized collective bargaining partner with the following unions:

We also work closely with Association of Canadian Commercial Producers.