Effie Insight Guide

Effie Insight Guide

Improve your chances at winning by ordering an Insight Guide

Did you know that past entrants have the opportunity to receive anonymous feedback directly from the judges who reviewed their case? If you submitted a case in a previous Effie Awards Canada competition year, you can order a custom Insight Guide that outlines what worked well and what could have worked harder in your entry.

Why purchase the guide?

The guide will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your submission, helping you to improve future case-writing, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of key considerations for demonstrating brand and campaign effectiveness.

What is included?

You’ll find out what the judges thought about your case. All judges were asked to explain their scores by answering three questions:

  • What was the strongest element of the case and why?
  • What was the weakest element of the case and why?
  • What questions remained unanswered after reviewing the case?

Judges also were able to provide open-ended feedback. In addition to this, we will also reveal the average ranking (high to low) of each of the four scoring sections.

Finalist cases will receive feedback from both Round One and Final Round judging.  Non-finalists will only receive feedback from the first round of judging.

How much does it cost?

  • $150 +HST administration cost per entry (Member Pricing)
  • $500 +HST administration cost per entry (Non-Member Pricing)

In your request, please include the Entry ID#, Category Name, Brand Name, and Entry Title to help us prepare your guide.

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