ICA Advisory Groups

ICA Advisory Groups

The ICA aims to positively impact the business environment so that Agencies can THRIVE!

The ICA's Advisory Groups are an opportunity for people currently in an executive role at their agency to assist the ICA with this mission. Advisory Group members come from a cross-section of diverse departments and roles. They meet regularly to provide their expertise, guidance and advice to the ICA team, consulting on and assisting with planning ICA initiatives aimed at addressing industry trends and challenges. Advisory Groups are tasked with moving initiatives forward that the Board of Directors identifies in the annual strategic plan. Advisory Group status will be reported back to the Board of Directors monthly. Click on the + below to see each Advisory Group's mission and objectives

Advisory Group seats are limited. For more information about the Advisory Groups or to apply to be on an Advisory Group, connect with Leah Power.

The Future Talent Advisory Group

The Future Talent Advisory Group seeks to find new and innovative ways to connect with and onboard new agency talent. This group is responsible for supporting Advertising Unlimited initiatives, connecting meaningfully with academic institutions and community groups and rallying hiring and talent managers around inclusive and equitable hiring practices. Our goal is to engage with anyone that considers themselves a creative problem solver and show them how a career in Agency is for them.

Business Environment Advisory Group

In an effort to impact and transform the Canadian business environment so that Agencies can thrive, the ICA routinely takes on initiatives that seek to address inequities or imbalances in the advertising industry that adversely affect Agencies. The Business Environment Advisory Group seeks to root out these inequities and design initiatives to transform them.

Operations Advisory Group

The Operations Advisory Group aims to assist leaders with transforming their Agency. Transformation has been a pillar of the ICA mission for over six years and every initiative serves to assist leaders with their Agency transformation journey in some way. Information gleaned through regular member listening tours along with Group member's diverse perspectives and experiences will inform initiatives, training and ICA support.

Media Advisory Group

The Media Advisory Group aims to shine a light on the ever challenging and extremely complex media landscape. With the launching of PRIME, the ICA seeks to motivate action, create community and empower authentic local and diverse media through workshops and round tables around key themes in the media industry. PRIME works to the benefit of members and advertisers. This group will advise on new initiatives needed within the media agency sector and ways to expand on the work started by PRIME.

Creative Power Advisory Group

The Creative Power Advisory Group represents the best of Canada's agency creative and planning leaders, a community created to debate industry issues and drive Canadian creative excellence. The key initiative of this group is the annual Creative Power List and advisory group members are called upon to review and revise as needed, the methodology for creating this list that is created by the industry for the industry.

IDEA Advisory Group

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Advertising) has been a pillar initiative at the ICA since the launch of the very first Talent Census in the agency industry in 2017. The IDEA Advisory Group will be responsible for the review, revision and launch of the ICA Talent Census. They will also advise on the other IDEA initiatives, ensuring relevance and efficacy.