Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity in Advertising (IDEA)

Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity in Advertising (IDEA)

We bring together brands, agencies & thought leaders from Canada & around the world to showcase how to meet the demands of today’s advertisers & consumers.

Diversity & inclusion is the springboard for creativity & innovation. And it provides the foundation that brands need in order to have authentic & engaging conversations with consumers.

Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity in Advertising, IDEA, first launched in 2017 is a pillar of the ICA’s work.  It began with an industry talent census, a summit at TIFF in 2018, another at The Globe & Mail Centre in 2019.  2020 has seen a second census, the creation of the industry’s first ever fully facilitated mentorship scheme, IDEA Advocates and the IDEA Competition in partnership with Bell Media.

IDEA spotlights Diversity & Inclusion and shows you how it delivers Authentic Communications, Engaging Ideas, Innovative Platforms, Brand Bravery & World Class Creative.

We’re not moving in the right direction. There’s a huge amount of talk about diversity, I don’t want any of that, I just want to see the industry being diverse – don’t talk about it, do it. There’s a lot of diversity washing, and that can give a company or brand the impression they’re doing something when they’re not. Be it, don’t talk about it

Cindy Gallop, Found & CEO, If We Ran The World

…we think of ourselves as a progressive country, and we really intend to be a progressive country, but our behavior hasn’t caught up with our intent. Canada has a lot of potential to close that gap between intent and behaviour.

Mary Chambers, Strategy Consultant

There’s stacks of evidence to support that people with disabilities are disproportionately excluded. It’s not because we as a city or as a country are anti people with disability, there’s not a counter movement like there is for other equity-seeking groups, it’s just a fact that it’s not been on people’s radar, and there hasn’t been a vocal contingent amplifying that conversation.

Sandra Hawken, President & CEO, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation

We’re producing more and more content than before, so the scarcity model couldn’t be further from the truth. People are searching for media that reflects themselves. Look at Netflix and plans for Black Mirror episodes where you chose your own ending, that’s an experiential approach tailored to the user.

Kim Katrin Milan, Executive Director, The People Project