Sobering Up: Zero-proof is on the rise

Sobering Up: Zero-proof is on the rise

About the webinar:

It’s easy to find evidence for a more sober lifestyle. Dry January is picking up steam. Alcohol-free bars are celebrating St. Patrick’s day. There’s even an alcohol-free mixology festival.

Zero-proof is on the rise; research shows it clearly. The non-alcoholic beer market is predicted to grow at 8%+ in Canada – in contrast to the shrinking beer market.

But is this a fad? Or a trend that’s here to stay? Will alcohol go the way of cigarettes? From cool to being shunned in public spaces? Or will the non-alcoholic market go the way of meat replacements? Interesting product trend ... but missing the mark on what consumers actually want.

Join Empathy and the ICA during this insightful webinar, where you’ll hear about the latest research in zero-proof marketing.

You will learn:

  • The latest trends in beverage marketing for your clients
  • The biggest opportunities in content and advertising in the category
  • How to create ground-breaking work that cuts through the clutter

Join this virtual webinar on Tuesday, October 10th @ 2:00PM AT / 3:00PM ET / 12:00PM PT

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