ICA Summer Camp

ICA Summer Camp

Agency Recruitment Demystified | Panel Series

The ICA's Summer Camp series is back! This year, we are working with Agency Professionals to demystify the advertising agency world through our panel series ‘Agency Recruitment Demystified’ and prepare anyone interested in a career at an agency for success. 

Join Leah Power, EVP at the ICA and Cynthia Rubino, Professor, Advertising & Marketing Communications Program at Sheridan College in these three panel discussions with Agency-side Recruiters, HR Directors and Hiring Managers. The sessions are free and open to anyone that identifies as a creative problem solver and is interested in learning more about what a career in the Canadian Agency industry is all about.

Here's why you can’t miss out: 

  • Discover how to navigate the agency hiring process
  • Learn ways to stand out effectively
  • Find out how to craft compelling stories and own career success 

About the panel discussions: 

Session 1 | Who’s Ghosting Who

Ghosting, myriad interviews, and a slew of other bad practices, have become ubiquitous, and almost normal, since the pandemic. In this panel we dig into the agency structures and talent acquisition practices that can sometimes hinder an inclusive recruitment process. We’ll provide insights and guidance to candidates that will help them identify these pitfalls and successfully navigate the hiring process.

Virtual Session: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm ET 

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Session 2 | Onboarding New Rules

Setting new employees up for success seems like it should be table stakes but not all companies get this right. In this panel we’ll be discussing how agencies are addressing these issues with new takes on pre-boarding, the first day, addressing cultural and generational differences, skills refreshing, staying consistent and how to deal with remote working arrangements. Inclusion, though, is a two-way street, so how can new employees advocate for themselves and be accountable for their own success in their new job.

Virtual Session: Wednesday, October 11, 2023 - 11:00am to 12:00pm ET 

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Session 3 | And The Most Coveted Role Goes To...The Intern

Entry-level roles asking for experience: it’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. That coupled with many internships being offered as voluntary or honorarium paying positions is eroding the confidence of domestic and international graduates. In this panel we discuss how Agencies are redefining their entry-level positions, creating inclusive policies and environments and identifying the value in newcomer's non-Canadian experience. Agency professionals will share what they are looking for in a new hire and how candidates can craft their own stories to show how their previous experiences – from baby-sitting, retail & QSR positions, to community work to non-Canadian agency experience - can benefit the prospective agency and their career.

Virtual Session: Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm ET

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About the ICA Summer Camp Series

ICA Summer Camp is a program offering regular free of charge virtual sessions, hosted by professionals currently working in agencies. They will share their experiences, their realities, and their hard-won insights into what makes a career at an agency and how to succeed. Students and professionals from all disciplines and every demographic are welcome -- indeed, urged -- to participate. Since 2008, the ICA has run Agency Day, an annual opportunity to visit leading agencies and explore the variety of careers possible in this dynamic industry. Now we’re expanding this successful initiative to really take you behind the scenes of what an agency does, how they work and what a career in an agency might look like.

About Advertising Unlimited 

Advertising Unlimited is for anyone who's curious about working in the advertising, marketing and communications agency industry. Whether you're looking for an internship, a job after graduation, returning to work or changing careers, Advertising Unlimited wants to inspire you to consider an agency career. 

There are a wide range of roles in an agency just for you. Today's agencies are responsible for tasks as diverse as Art Direction, Copywriting, UX/UI, IT, Project Management, Business Development, Client & Business Leadership, Analytics, Planning, Research, HR, Finance, Marketing, and Public Relations. Advertising Unlimited fosters learning and connection with top agency experts, provides insight into what working in a busy Canadian agency is all about, and helps you build your networking skills. Click here to learn more!

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