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Training Unlimited


Digital Learning

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Training Sessions and Workshops

The ICA’s training programs aim to improve the skills of agency team members. The focus is on providing easily useable and immediately actionable skills by employing a combination of live digital events and curated workshops facilitated by industry leaders.

Empathy webinar

Writing Award-Winning Case Studies 2023


ICA Developed Training & Consultancy

Agency Performance Pit Stop

An opportunity to spend time looking internally, facilitated by a trusted outside perspective. The ICA works with the Executive Leadership team of the agency and to unearth and identiify areas of opportunity culminating in a transformation action plan.

ICA Strategy Session

The ICA works with agency and HR leadership to understand the business and departmental goals and objectives they have set out for the year. During this strategy session we aim to unearth the strengths and challenges of the agency’s skill sets. This trusted and introspective consultancy requires transparency and clarity from which we develop an ongoing program in tandem with existing successful talent development initiatives. The annual programme will include, but not be limited to, utilizing ICA facilitated learning, internal and external resources and external talent development facilitators and associations. The ICA’s goal is to assist your team with realizing a maximum return on investment from your talent development budgets.

ICA Facilitated Learning

The ICA has internally developed learning sessions that are business imperative based, formulated to address your talent’s skill set gaps and build confidence in their value and the agency’s.

  • Value-Based Pricing Strategies
    This presentation explores the why and how of value-based pricing. We deconstruct the theory and clearly lay out how to build proposals, why to use options and how to master the pricing conversation with clients and procurement.
  • Selling Your Agency’s Value
    This presentation dives into how clients buy professional creative services and reminds client-facing departments that their job is to sell. Although the moniker of salesperson may not be the best fit for our industry, we explore how we can and should influence clients and what we need to do to own the role of consultant, sell our value and ultimately be the client’s “first call.”
  • Moving Your Team from Account Service to Account Leadership
    Account Service has been steadily devolving into a Customer Service department, one that focusses on the “wants” of the client rather than on their “needs.” This session explores the elements of value conversations – those robust, candid and sometimes uncomfortable conversations – that establish trust and elevate the agency and the team as valued partners always putting the client’s best interests first.

Past Events

Scope: Who Owns it, Why it is Challenging, and Separating Value Versus Cost
Agencies create their own misery, despite their best intentions. Agency life feels like an endless struggle to deliver, with angry deadlines shouting from every direction

Writing Award-Winning Case Studies
Don’t let your effective results, inspiring insights and engaging creative succumb to bad writing. Learn how to craft the perfect case study in this six-hour workshop over two days.

Effectiveness Day
Hear from thought leaders and the people behind the Effie Canada gold-winning campaigns on creating truly effective marketing.

New Business Case Study Writing
Master techniques to successfully create, maintain and present winning case studies. The workshop is taught in two half-day sessions.

Value-Based Pricing Strategies
In this 90-minute session, learn how to build proposals, why to use options and how to master the pricing conversation with clients and procurement.

Client Consultant Training
Learn how to broaden from Account Service and Project Management roles and discover key skills to succeed as a Client Consultant.

How to Build a Modern Revenue Model that Allows the Agency to Scale Its Talent, Expertise, and Intellectual Capital with Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group

Prohibitions for the Cannabis Act

Prohibitions for the Cannabis Act

Health Canada is holding a bilingual information session that will aim to inform regulated parties of their obligations under the Cannabis Act and its Regulations with respect to the prohibitions surrounding the promotion of cannabis, cannabis accessories and services related to cannabis.